Alcohol by Volume (ABV) Calculator

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) Calculator

This tool helps you find the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of your brew based on change in specific gravity. If you took hydrometer readings before the fermentation started (Original Gravity: OG) and once it ended (Final Gravity: FG), you can use a formula to calculate the resulting alcohol.

Formula for calculating Alcohol by Volume (ABV, %)

ABV = (((OG - FG) * M(C2H6O) ) / FG ) / ρ(C2H6O)

WhereM(C2H6O) = weight of ethyl-alcohol = 1.05 (const.) ,

Andρ(C2H6O) = density of ethyl-alcohol = 0.79 (const.)

🤔 Remind me of that formula again...


Common specific gravity ranges

Experimenting is fun and all, but most of the times we just follow recipes — or at least base our reasoning on existing recipes. The table below contains a number of popular brewing styles and their characteristics. You may click them to transfer their data to the calculator.

Brewing Style Original Gravity (OG) Final Gravity (FG) Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
Pilsener 1.048 1.010 5.0
American IPA 1.070 1.010 7.9
Cidre Brut 1.045 0.995 6.7
Cidre Doux 1.050 1.025 3.2
Weißbier 1.045 1.014 4.1
English Barleywine 1.100 1.018 10.7
Imperial Stout 1.110 1.025 11.0